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Music systems for long-term listening pleasure.

We’ve been promised ‘the ultimate sound’ just about as long as there has been recorded music. Every time there’s another technical advance, it seems that this is marketed as being ‘the big breakthrough.’

The truth is (regardless of what the technical boffins and the marketing people suggest) that assembling a system to play music in the home is still as much of an art as a science.

A good HiFi system will have you reaching for disc after disc and provide years of enjoyment. If you find yourself turning off the music in favour of the TV, your system probably needs some care and attention, so please give us a call.

True ‘Smart Home’ installations bring anything with a remote, an app or a button under the control of one simple universal system.

The term ‘Smart Home’ means different things to different people. Many UK homes already have some ‘Smart’ devices; internet connected TVs and set top boxes such as Apple TV can be used with their own remote control, but as control via phones and tablets is possible these devices earn ‘Smart’ status. Add a wifi-controllable heating thermostat and some might consider that they have a ‘Smart Home.’

These features are in fact becomming ubiquitous… there’s an app for almost everything these days, but a muddle of smart devices with multiple stand-alone apps is untidy, difficult to use and a waste of time for all but the die-hard technology enthusiast.

A genuine ‘Smart Home’ system turns the tables and makes technology work for you.  This can only be achieved by integrating all these smart devices into a single control system.

Tell us what you have in mind – we can deal with everything from concept through to design, installation and after sales support.

Lights, cinema, action… immersive ‘Home Cinema’ systems.

A good Home Cinema system will make the difference between merely watching a movie and it being a memorable experience.

But it’s easy to make a home cinema system bright and loud and initially impressive, but often this sensation is short lived and replaced with fatigue.

On the other hand a well chosen system will reward you with a more subtle and involving experience. In fact, with the best systems you should be involved with your movie so much that you forget all about the system.

And what's this stuff actually called? Traditionally, in the US they refer to ‘home theatre.’ In the UK, on the other hand, ‘home cinema’ was the preferred term.

Recently however there's come to be something of a split, and the higher-end products are increasingly referred to as home theatre with home cinema being more the starter and mid-range equipment.

In any event, if you want to watch movies with top quality sound and vision, get in touch. We’ll show you what's possible and you can call it whatever you like…

We provide audio, visual, lighting, and control systems to many commercial sectors including boardrooms & office, leisure, retail and public space.

Audio provision includes, foreground/performance, background and paging (with muting integration into fire alarm systems where appropriate).

Visual provision includes, plasma, LCD, projection for TV, presentation and digital signage.

Lighting provision includes, zoned dimming for most types of space.

Control provision includes, control over all of the above and other systems via simple button panels or comprehensive touch screen systems.

our key brands include:

  • Anthem
  • Atlas Cables
  • Audiophile Base
  • Auralic
  • Bowers & Wilkins
  • Cabasse
  • Custom Design
  • Cyrus
  • Control4
  • Dali
  • Denon
  • Dynaudio
  • Fyne
  • Grado
  • Loewe
  • Michell Engineering
  • Naim
  • Neat
  • Oppo
  • Ortofon
  • Paradigm
  • Pioneer
  • Project
  • Quadraspire
  • Rako
  • Rega
  • Rotel
  • Sennheiser
  • Sim2
  • Sonos
  • SpeakerCraft

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May 2019

​Exciting News for our Control4 home owners!

Todaay, Control4 announced the release of their new opperating system, "3.0".

This is not just a minor everyday update that tweeks the look of the layout or fixes a bug, this is a fundamental "reimagining" of the way we'll use our Control4 systems. Ever since Charlie Kindle joined Control4 from Amazon, we've been waiting for the something major, and this is it.

As you'll see from the images, the look and feel of the OS has had a total overhaul and after a brief look at the dealer information that we've received, it's clear there is a major update to the flexibility of the system.

Summing up what Charlie Kindel says about the release is simple... for the user, it removes complexity and adds flexibility.

So... no longer will we be tied to the rigid layout we've all beclome used to... now it will be possible to set up the app or touch panel layout for each room in a way that makes sense specifically for that room or area with shortcuts or dashboard layouts.

There are a couple of important things to bear in mind about this news.

One... we've only heard this news today and we can't download the new OS until 28th May. We will of course update our systems in store and at home straight away so we get the answers to your questions as quickly as possible, but please bear with us until we've had a chance to live with it for a while... we might not have all the answers straight away.

Two... we've been installing Control4 for many years now, so there are a lot of systems out there, some of them very big, and we know that the bigger your system the more impatient you'll be about getting the upgrade, BUT, let's face it, it's very much a first world problem having to wait a while! Our policy of upgrading smaller systems first means that we'll be fully up to speed by the time we have to deal with the more complex larger systems, which maks for an altogether better experience all round.

If you already have a Control4 system controlling your Home Cinema or whole home automation system, we'll be in touch about this update soon. If you're considering a whole home system that controls everything from your music to lights, blinds and the graden water feature, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to demonstrate how Control4 can tame technology in your home.

May 2019

LG OLED TV Special

LGs OLED C9 range 2019 models arrived in store today, and as expected, they are stunning.

We have a very limited number of the equally stunning 2018/19 OLED 55C8-PLA 55" TVs available and they are a steel at £1,399 or £80 less at £1,319 when you quote LG CTV80 at the point of order. This is a huge saving of well over £1,000 on the 2019 model, so we recommend snapping one up while you can.

These TV's come with a 5 year warranty, the best price available anywhere and, of course, local friendly service. Whatever you need... wall mount, stand mount or integration with your home cinema, we've got it covered with our top quality and affordable installation service, or feel free to take it away from the showroom if you're happy to DIY.

Finance terms are available, subject to status. We want to know if you see this product for less elsewhere.

(For sales of this and selected other LG, Samsung and Panasonic models, Holburn HiFi Ltd is acting as an agent of Soloco Ltd)

May 2019

The World’d biggest HiFi Show

The High End HiFi Show in Munich is underway. It’s the world’s largest HiFi show, a celebration of engineering excellence and passionate pursuit of the highest possible “fi”. There’s the beauties, the beasts and the downright nutty and it’s where we go each year in search of the best kit.

We’ll be posting highlights of our visit on our Facebook page which you can find and follow by searching for @holburnhifi

April 2019

Qobuz Streaming trial

For us, streaming services Qobuz ticks all the boxes.

We’re often asked which streaming services we recommend and if you ask different members of the team you you’ll get more than one answer. We’ll be publishing a full comparative review of the major streaming services soon, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested to know more.

In any case, a review may be useful, but just like HiFi gear it’s best to try before you buy.

One service we’re all agreed on recommending is Qobuz. With a “Studio” account, you’ll be streaming the best sounding high resolution music in no time, selecting music from a huge library of content via an interface that looks fantastic and is a joy to use.

For us, the best bit is that you can also buy your favourite high resolution music to store and play locally (when set up properly, this sounds even better, but more on that in the full review.)

We’ve teamed up with Qobuz to offer this special introductory trial which includes a free high resolution download.

Happy listening


January 2019

Ex-demo equipment Sale.

Every year we update our demo stock on a rolling basis, but this year we’ve decided to have an EX-Demo Sale which will make our stock control much earlier next year.

We’ve got substantial reductions of up to 50% available on Demo Stock from many of our key brands. We’re working on the list, but if you are interested in any items from the manufacturers below, please get in touch or come in and have a look.

Brands that are included are, Anthem, Atlas Cables, Bowers & Wilkins, Cabasse, Cyrus, Dynaudio, Focal, Hegel, Loewe TVs, Naim Audio, Neat Acoustics, Marantz, Paradigm, Quadraspire Stands, Rega, Spectral Furniture, Yamaha.

Also remember that if it’s not ex-demo kit you want, our pricing should always be competitive with on-line pricing and if you notice anything we stock for less, we’d like to know.

January 2019

Next generation streaming - Auralic G2 Series.

Having stocked Auralic products for a while now, we were expecting the Vega G2 to be good, but we've been blown away by how good Auralic's new generation products are!

For music lovers and audiophiles who have not yet updated their systems to include a streamer (or for those who’ve just dipped the toe in the water with a basic streamer), this is probably the product you’ve been waiting for!

The Vega G2 is a hugely capable streamer, a very high quality DAC and a pre-amp all in one elegant, superbly built box, meaning it can take the place of several separate boxes in a system.
Now available to demonstrate, give us a call.

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