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We are part of the Clarity Alliance who are a network of independent specialists, trained to high standards endorsed by many major manufacturers. All of the alliance members are committed to giving you the ultimate service - Without all the jargon.

Improving the audio/visual experience for all thanks to better stores with informed staff

Providing a level of service not available online or in department stores
Demonstrating mastery of the subject in jargon-free terms
Helping you get the best value for your money
Understanding the latest technology and steering you towards your ideal system
Taking the fear out of buying

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Home Technology, Professionally installed.

So Who are 'CEDIA' ?
Holburn Hi-Fi are a proud member of Cedia, an orginasation which is endorsed by many major manufacturers.
Founded in 1989, CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is the international trade organisation for the integrated home technology industry. As a not-for-profit association, CEDIA strives to implement standards across the industry, ensuring the highest quality and levels of work for you.
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