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AURALiC Streamers

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AURALiC Streamers

Range starting from £450 for the AURAliC Aries Mini

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'Best Music Streaming Product 2017'

' The Auralic Aries Mini wasn't the prettiest product we looked at in 2017 but thanks to the flexibility it offers and the superb quality of its Lightning interface, it was certainly one the best. This is a cost effective streaming platform that can operate as a server thanks to its hard drive bay and also as a very clever digital transport into an external DAC. With bulletproof streaming services support built in too, this is an outstanding basis for a streaming audio system that is a cut above the competition.'





Auralic Polaris Review - Hifi & Music Source



' This is my review of the fantastic Auralic Polaris.  The Polaris is an ‘all-in-one’ streaming wireless music player with an integrated amplifier.  It has digital and analogue inputs of all kinds, including a MM turntable input, various other digital inputs supported by a 32 bit capable DAC that is also DSD compatible.  But what puts the ‘fantastic’ in this review is the brilliant Auralic iOS user interface, called Lightning DS, everything just works… seamlessly.'

' This is one of the great surprises with this set-up, you can play a YouTube film or music track, hit AirPlay and the Polaris switches the audio through seamlessly.  So if you’ve seen Radiohead’s ‘The Numbers’ on YouTube you’ll have wanted to amp it up, and this is your thing!  It has never sounded better on a soundbar or other AV set-up.  Just sit and watch your iPad with the full glory ringing in your ears with AirPlay.  Brilliant.  While I’m here, London Grammar’s ‘Rooting for You’ on YouTube is also a must listen, just starting with Hannah Reid’s voice and ending up in full orchestra, brilliant.'

'Everything the Auralic Polaris does, it does really well.   There is no CD or headphone amplifier here so it is not quite a one box solution.  Digitally it is superb and the highlight is without doubt the premium streaming services through the Lightning DS iOS App.'







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