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Buying a Home Cinema System

The perfect Home Theatre system will fit nicely into your room, sound fantastic, look great and come in at a budget that suits. In the real world there are usually some compromises, but we like to aim for making as few as possible, so here is our step by step guide to movie magic.

Step 1

Make a quick sketch of your living room including the dimensions, furniture layout and your intended position for the tv or projector screen. An example of the perfect layout is shown below, but don't worry, we know your room will have a door and probably windows as well, this is only an example.

Step 2

Visit the shop with your sketch and ask us to take you through some options, if possible it's best to give us a call beforehand so that we can make some time for you, normally half an hour or so at this stage. You may also want to hear our reference system which will give you an idea of what is possible. Once we have found out about your requirements and expectations, we will make some suggestions and arrange a demonstration.

Step 3

We will set up and let you experience the system that we think is right for you, that way you can be sure that it is what you are looking for. It may be that there are a couple of options, and the demonstration highlight you preference...unfortunately, normally it's the more expensive one!
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