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Focal’s Sopra Loudspeakers

Focal’s Sopra Loudspeakers

We first heard Focal’s Sopra speaker range at the Munich High End Show in May and had to wait until August before production started and we could hear them in our demo room.  The long wait has been well worth it… sometimes you instantly know when a speaker is right and this is one of these occasions.

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We’ve been searching for a high end speaker range to complement our current ranges for ages, but just couldn’t find something we were entirely convinced about.  Often at this level, the stand mounting model sounds fantastic, and although the larger floor standing models sound bigger and deliver deeper bass, timing isn’t as good and some of the musicality and imaging of the smaller model is lost.   This is not the case with the Sopra range,  Focal have managed to make the larger Sopra No2 a better speaker without compromising on any of the qualities of the smaller Sopra No1.


In our opinion both Sopra No1 and No2 outperform speakers at significantly higher price points, even handed and articulate yet far from clinical sounding they just sound right!  It’s one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever made to stock a new range and we’re really excited to have them on demonstration now, please give us a call on 01224 585 713 or e-mail us if you would like to have a listen.

Sopra No1 £6,600

Sopra No2 £9,600

More information can be found on Focal's Web Site

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