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Lights, cinema, action... and don't forget to switch off your phone...

A good Home Cinema system will make the difference between merely watching a movie and experiencing a movie. It's easy to make a home cinema system bright and loud and initially impressive, but often this sensation is short lived and replaced with fatigue.


On the other hand a well chosen system will reward you with a more subtle and involving experience. In fact, with the best systems you should be involved with your movie so much that you forget all about the system.


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Home theatre? Home cinema? What's this stuff actually called?
Good question. Are the two terms interchangeable? Depends who you ask. Ask Google, and the answer's definitely not.

Traditionally, in the US they tend to refer to 'home theatre.' In the UK, on the other hand, 'home cinema' was the preferred term.


Recently however there's come to be something of a split, and the higher-end products are increasingly referred to as 'home theatre' with 'home cinema' being more the starter and mid-range equipment.In any event, if you want to watch movies with top quality sound and vision, get in touch. We'll show you what's possible and you can call it whatever you like...










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