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Custom Integration Through Collaboration


We believe customised individual systems are what Smart Home and Automation is all about... a Gold, Silver or Bronze package option may be easy to choose but packages such as these are really just a glorified one-for-all remote control and aren't that smart at all.


The key to delivering a system fully customised to an individual's needs is flexibility on our part.


Client A may want a very basic starter system that can be expanded in future as budget allows.  In cases such as these, we discuss the future requirements for the system and design the structured wiring system to cater for these future requirements.  The stater system would be installed and commissioned with future sub systems being integrated as and when we are instructed to do so.


Client B may have commissioned an electrical and mechanical engineering consultant to specify heating, fire and security systems, and an interior designer to add design flare within the cinema room and public rooms.  This will required interaction between a number of contractors who are specialist in their field and need to work together to ensure all aspects of the project mary together seemlessly.  Our team is very experienced in working as part of this type of project team and will interface with all other trades to make sure all stages of theproject go according to plan.


Client C may be renovating a property and have only have joiners and decorators working on the job.  In cases such as these we can offer a fully project managed design, installation and commissioning service for all sub systems where we introduce specialist in their respective fields for parts of the jobs that we don't handle in house.


In reality, no project fits exactly into any of the above examples, but as long as we believe we can meet our standards for quality and relaibility on any given project, we are happy to get involved.


Regardless of how your Smart Home project is set up the fundamental first steps are very important, find out more about Design & Planning








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