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Loewe Trade in offers

Loewe Trade in offers

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If your TV is more than a few years old, you’ll be staggered by how TV picture quality has advanced in this short time.  Much higher resolutions make an obvious difference, but that’s only part of the story.  The latest O-LED technology deployed in Loewe’s TVs dramatically improve picture by making blacks really black and colours more vibrant than ever before. 


You may not have heard of Loewe before, but they have been making TVs since 1923 in Germany and as well as the best picture you’ll find have some unique features that might just be perfect for your living room.  


Have you noticed how bad most TVs sound these days?  Well there’s good reason for that… as TVs have become thinner, there is less space for the built in speakers and some brands have been so eager to make their TVs look minimalist that they’ve fitted the speakers to the back of the TV facing the wall.


Loewe have a totally different approach… they understand that the audio content of a movie or even just the news is important so they have always fitted high performance audio amplification and speakers to their TVs, but don’t worry… they are also the most beautiful looking TVs you’ll see so looks are not compromised.  


As well as the built in speakers, Loewe include a surround sound processor in many of their models allowing the connection of a high performance wired or wireless surround sound audio system… high quality home cinema without the clutter is in fact one of the biggest selling points of the range along with the built in recorder available on many models which allows you to record your favourite programmes at the touch of a button.


You would be correct to think that a German built TV with all these features will cost a bit more than an average mass market TV, but it becomes obvious why you would spend the extra when you experiencing the Loewe range.


And if there is anything holding you back, we are happy to be able to offer an exceptionally generous trade in promotion during the month of March. We also offer an interest free option (subject to status).

We have a very limited number of 55” and 65” O-LED models due for March delivery that we can offer an additional trade in discount on.  Please get in touch if you are interested.


Come and see the range at our showroom.













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