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Once you've given us the go ahead, our in-house team will get to work on planning every aspect of your project.  We set ourselves high standards for all aspects of our projects and although our clients are unlikely to refer directly to the documentation that is produced at this stage in the process, we regard it as the most critical part in ensuring the installation goes smoothly and the end result meets expectations.


Our in-house team will produce the following documents as a minimum:


- Wiring overlay: a plan of your home (usually provided by your architect) with all the wiring points added

- Wiring Schedule: a shedule detailing a label name and  installation instructions (suitable for use by our in house installers or electrical sub-contractors) for every wire to be installed

- Rack plan showing where all components in the main rack will fit

- Rack wiring schedule detailing all rack wiring interconnecting components within the main rack


Where appropriate other documents will be produced



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