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Smart Home


Smart Home installations from Holburn HiFi bring anything with a remote, an app or a button under the control of one simple universal system.


The term Smart Home means different things to different people.  Many UK homes already have some "Smart" devices; internet connected TVs and set top boxes such as Apple TV can be used with their own remote control, but as control via phones and tablets is possible these devices earn "Smart" status.  Add a wifi controllable heating thermostat and some might consider that they have a Smart Home.

Smart Home features are in fact becomming ubiquitous... there's an app for almost everything these days, but a collection of smart devices and use of multiple apps is just an extention of having five remote controls sitting on the coffee table... untidy, difficult to use and a waste of time for all but the technology enthusiast.


A genuine Smart Home system turns the tables and makes technology work for you.  This can only be achieved by integrating all these smart devices into a single control system.


This has many advantages such as:

- an intuitive way to control everything from the TV to the heating;

- a common user experience in every room, regardless of equipment used;

- automated features such as muting the music or turning on vestibule lights when the door bell rings


Almost anything (short of telepathy) is possible! Tell us what you have always wanted and we will make it happen. We can deal with everything from concept through to design, installation and after sales support.  If you are interested in creating the best Smart Home experience, find out more about What We Do



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