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We love Sonos, we have the whole range on demo and are always happy to help you choose your system.













We also offer a number of alternatives to Sonos which offer interesting and different features.

Heos by Denon

Heos offers a range of wireless speakers as well as room amplifiers etc. that can connect to an existing system or pair of speakers. A Bluetooth connection allows music to be played from a phone and broadcast to one or many rooms.  There are also some other cool features that are unique to the Heos system that you should check out if you are in the market for this type of system, and as with the other featured here, we have the full range on demonstration.

MusicCast by Yamaha

MusicCast is the widest range of wireless music components on the market so far.  Many of Yamaha's Home Cinema Amplifiers and TV Sound Bars are MusicCast enabled and a number of wireless speakers have been added to the system making it a serious alternative to it's competitors.

Mu-so and Mu-so Qb from Naim

These high end wireless speakers are a step up in performance from the others and can also party along with Naim's range of streaming hifi systems.  Single room or multi-room hifi for those looking for the best.

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