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YAMAHA MCR-N670D MusicCast System & Dynaudio Emit M10 Loudpeakers with all the cables !













Our money saving offer going into 2017, is quite literally a grand sound system for a grand.

Yamaha's MCR-N670D MusicCast micro component system comprises of the A670 Amplifier & the CD-NT670D CD/Network Player. The amplifier is capable of pushing out 65W per channel, that's more than plenty of power. The CD/Network Player provides a host of connections, wirelessly or otherwise, connecting via Bluetooth, WiFi, or hard wired into your home router, as well as playing cd's via the cd transport drawer, DAB+ and FM radio plus vTuner Internet radio too or your files via a NAS or hooking up an external hard drive via USB to gain access to WAV/FLAC/AIFF 192kHz/24-bit music sources. It's hugely adaptable & can all be controlled via the free dowloadable app for Android & IOS platforms.

The Dynaudio Emit M10 Louspeakers - compact & the perfect entry into the world of high end audio. Capable of handling up to 150W per channel, the 6 ohms impedence allows these louspeakers to be driven very easily from a variety of power sources.

So how do the Yamaha & Dynaudio's sound when they are all hooked up ?

I initially took 3 cd sources to test them out - David Sanborn, Angie Stone & Led Zeppelin.

Florida born alto saxophonist Sanborn, came to wordlwide prominence after guesting on David Bowie's Young Americans LP in 1975 & has since played across many genres, from The Who, Rolling Stones to Bruce Springsteen & Stevie Wonder and even James Last & recorded 24 of his own albums. His version of 'Neither One Of Us' (more commonly known as the 1973 hit for Gladys Knight & The Pips) is a masterpeice in crossover jazz as both he & bassist Marcus Miller's instruments sound brilliantly clear & crisp.

As a member & back up vocalist for The Sequence, Mantronix & Lenny Kravitz before joing R & B vocal band Vertical Hold, Angie Stone has since gone on to record 8 solo albums. 'No More Rain (In This Cloud), from her 1999 debut album Black Diamond,  actually samples 'Neither One Of Us' & shows Angie Stone's superb strong rootsy R & B vocals, another HHF recomendation !

Finally, Led Zeppelin, no introduction needed. From the untitled album (Led Zeppelin IV) comes the rock and roll work out that is Rock And Roll, a 3 minute 40 second rock masterpeice & if any sustem is going to shy away from this, it's not the Yamaha / Dynaudio combo here.  Maybe classical or country is your prefeered musical genre - by all means take them in to demo this system. We also streamed some audio from our network, same results but don't take our word for it !

We have also provided the necessary cabling to make it all sing together - Atlas Element RCA to RCA Interconnects and Atlas Element 2 louspeaker cable - how much ?

In total all together, the normal price would be £1160.00 but while stocks are availble, A GRAND, yes £1000.00 - call or come in & listen to this oustanding combination while this offer is on, A GRAND SYSTEM FOR A GRAND indeed !

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